Bikes, Brews, & Your Crew!

After a great night of racing in Denver, Colorado (Our own Colton Haaker took the win at the 5th round of Endurocross!) we headed straight for the mountains just west of the city. Our good buddy Joey lives in Evergreen and wanted to show us his private trails and favorite fishing spot, so we loaded up and headed to the hills. 


There's something about getting out of the city and breathing fresh air that brings good vibes. Deep in the woods, the trails are covered by a blanket of aspen leaves and at times, when the breeze hits, it's almost like a golden blizzard.

Riding these private trails built by Joey Kwak was something for the books! We didn't take much time to document the adventure as we were far too busy enjoying our first time up there....maybe next time we'll grab more photos. Below is a video for our fall collection that features a few clips from the day.

Next stop was the lake. We hiked about 3 miles to have this body of water all to ourselves - The fish were biting and the weather was perfect!

Until next time...